Just remember, when you’re over the hill, you begin to pick up speed.

Charles M. Schulz


60 is the new cool. Modern seniors are aging with new vigor. And retirement homes are not about institutional meals and poky apartments anymore. At Aamoksh, we are redefining the norms of assisted living.

The new generation of 60-somethings is challenging the dynamics of retired life. They are far more independent, financially stable and have modern lifestyle needs. At Aamoksh, we stay ahead of the times. Giving a contemporary edge to senior homes, we are turning over a new leaf in retirement homes.

Our retirement community is here to break the boredom associated with old age homes. Pursue gardening, teach NGO kids, go scuba diving, trek, dance! We make it all possible for you.



Picturesque views. Lazy sunsets. Fresh sunrises. Nestled in lower Himalayas, our homes in Kasauli are your little slice of heaven. An hour’s drive from Chandigarh, Aamoksh @Kasauli seamlessly blends comfort & luxury.


Tucked away from the maddening chaos of the cities, our assisted living establishments in Kodaikanal are a treat for all. With moderate temperatures, blankets of clouds, breathtaking greens and brilliant architecture, our homes spell perfection.

Kasauli Sample Unit Video


No rules. No deadlines for meals. No time bound schedules. It’s your home. Experience it your way.

Let’s get in touch with your private doctor or pharmacy and keep you fit. Your health is our priority.

Tailormade meals. Organic food. Low cholesterol diet. When it’s about taking care of your wellbeing, we know what not to do!

Introducing PrimeFit, a fitness program managed by professionals who customize healthcare for you. Your health is our priority.

Bill payments, daily chores, pick and drop for your guests, arranging a day at the spa, you name it. Get pampered just the way you want.

Scuba Diving, treks, parasailing, whatever you need. Bringing you a unique travel program for seniors where we arrange your travel adventures for you.


Retirement Community was chosen after I saw many other retirement communities in Bangalore. What I found was that other retirement communities in Bangalore were just concrete buildings and it gave me a very confined feeling. I chose Aamoksh because of it’s vast expanse of land and it’s openness. The amenities and facilities that Aamoksh offers is a blessing for it’s residents.

We have seen other retirement communities but we were attracted to Anandam because it is totally unique. It is pollution free and away from the city life.The hospitality is amazing and we feel very good when we go there.The management of the place is very professional and I don’t think anything like this exists anywhere in the country.

 Mrs and Mr Arun Chandrasheka
Mrs and Mr Arun Chandrasheka Hardware Engineer Intel ( Bangalore)

Having lived all my life in London, I make every comparison to the west and nothing in India compares to the standards that I am used to, but I have to say that the moment we got to Anandam, my jaw dropped in absolute amazement. I could not believe the beauty and serenity of this place.Rarely have i come across a company with such integrity, honesty and such genuine humanity and i cannot praise the company enough. I felt an emotional connect with this place and I feel in my heart that this is the place where I want to live out my life.

 Mr & Mrs Robin Healy
Mr & Mrs Robin Healy Manager Operations Citibank London/Bangalore

We did not want to go to a cluttered place and were looking for a place that is open with greenery around and with all facilities that one could indulge in post retirement .We found all this at Anandam. We are also very happy with all the services provided.We are also quite used to having a cosmopolitan crowd around us and we find this at Anandam with a Pan India presence.

Group Cpt V. S Ashok & Mrs Kala Ashok
Group Cpt V. S Ashok & Mrs Kala Ashok Rtd Air force officer( Chennai)

I am a US citizen settled in Bangalore . In my pursuit for happiness and bliss ,Anandam retirement community is the ideal location for me. The majestic view of the mountains is beautiful. Anandam is a very suitable place for retired people.

  Mr Lakshminarayanan
Mr Lakshminarayanan IT Expert (Bangalore)