Scuba diving, paragliding, or trek? Tell us what you want. Who says it’s not possible? Whether the travel desires are simple or extravagant, twisted travel agents at our retirement homes are all ears.


Write your own twisted tales of travel. We Make it possible.

We know as well as anyone how fun and luxury can go together. So, we took that knowledge, twisted it up, and applied it to travel. Voila, Twist Travel℠! While other travel agencies specialize in, well, travel, we specialize in high-end, luxury travel that is all about fun.

Whether the travel desires are simple or extravagant, our twisted travel agents are all ears. And when residents at our senior homes are looking for a travel adventure that is completely unique? Beautiful, we say! We set the itinerary for them, and take care of all the details, so they can just
relax, be pampered and enjoy their trip. No matter where on the globe our clients are heading, they always receive white glove treatment from Twist Travel.

So whatever the need – destination travel, business trips, or taking care of the special travel needs of seniors, Twist Travel makes the experience of the journey fun from Point A to Point B, and all points in between, for that matter. Time to say, “Wheee!”