Gone are the days when families felt embarrassed about moving the elderly into senior residences. In fact, if the kids are cool, the elderly— cooler! They want comfort, are not grumping about kids moving overseas anymore and love their freedom! They are smart. Moreover, can take care of themselves.
The good news is—assisted living concept is not restricted to the idea of luxury anymore. These communities are a place for bonding, fostering friendships and looking at life from a whole new perspective.

Lonely No More!

You will not find yourself looking for company once the kids are busy with their lives. Senior homes are now places where everyone comes together for community activities every once in a while. So, seniors are always meeting people and interacting.

Community Building

India has a vast geography and ethnicity too. In a retirement community, people from all walks of life and culture come together. Every festival is celebrated, and each faith is equally respected. This is what makes retirement homes so unique. Perfect grounds for community building.

Activities Galore

From Golf to swimming, football to aerobics, there’s nothing that modern seniors say No to. They are ready to take on adventures, travel with unknown group of people their age, willing to try something new. And senior homes are giving you an edge over everything else.

Assisted Living & Perfection

Senior homes do not mean old age homes. The former are modern homes with infrastructure that suits their everyday needs. From bathroom tiles specially intended for differently abled to railings and floors to suit seniors, every little thing is taken care of. Medical assistance is available around the clock.
In their Indian chapter, retirement homes are creating quite a stir. The developers are looking at a market which was untapped for the longest time. But surprisingly so, is booming with investors now. Credit it to changing mindsets, social living or changing times, the retirement homes market is hot for the buyer willing to invest.

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