You thought senior homes mean boring meals? Well, get ready for the most delectable culinary experience with us. Experienced chefs at our retirement homes offer
you a host of finger-licking choices.


Healthy lifestyle at Aamoksh

We will change your notion of food at a retirement home / senior home. We offer you fine dining experience (no boring buffets, Yipee!!), lots of choices, healthy yet tasty meals and service with proper style and panache.

Let’s elaborate on the “lots and lots of choices” part. Whether it’s classic favorites or exotic options, our menus are nutritionally balanced. And new seasonal menus every quarter, as well. Chefs at your retirement homes pay particular attention to small details in your meals. They ensure the food is not only tasty but flavored with exotic regional spices. The meals in our senior homes are customised according to your preferred tastes and preferences. But does that mean boring? Not at all!

And yes! Did you know that your guests are always welcome to join you for a scrumptious meal?