When you are 50, you’ve worked hard. It is time to play harder! Where is retirement going to take you? A trek in the Himalayas. A stroll along art galleries in Paris. A pilgrimage. Alternatively, an exotic beach break.
The choices are many but filtered.
Retirement does not mean you are old. Just more careful. But not any less adventurous. That is why we bring you some of the most kickass post-retirement vacation options from around the globe.

River Cruises & Culture

From the guided tours primarily meant for senior travellers in Copenhagen to exploring the art scene in this old city on your own, Europe has a lot on offer. Culturally rich Oslo is a beautiful place to explore with your retired friends. River cruises in many Europeans cities make for a perfect getaway. All this at great prices with packaged deal made for seniors.

Venice For Art

Venice is unique. A classic cocktail of contemporary and vintage art, the city is not for everybody. It has unique repository of art. This ranges from mid-18th century to the modern day artists. Check out the list of art weeks happening here as the city is known to host some of the longest and most spectacular art extravaganzas in the world.

Seattle, Washington is a must

Adventure. Serenity. Calm. Put everything together, and you have Seattle. From its iconic structure called the Seattle’s Space Needle towering 605 feet to the Mount Rainer which is a world apart, there’s so much to explore here. Cafes and restaurants sprawl across various parts of the city make for an ideal break from regular city life. It is for the kind who do not always want private getaways. This one is a mix.

Voyage to Antarctica

National Geographic offers a 24-day journey to discover Antarctica. Moreover, everything is taken care of by the organisers. Absorb the natural wonders as you ride along the mesmerising icy corners of the world. Animal life here will amaze you, and the geography is to die for! Now that is what you call a once-in-a-lifetime trip.

You have to learn the rules of the game. And then you have to play better than anyone else.


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