Knitting, painting, time for chess, and those nostalgic lessons to grandkids. Retirement synonyms? Not anymore. Modern seniors are active, and enjoy hobbies that cross over all kinds of age groups. In fact, retirement is all about going to the hobbies you once enjoyed as kids. What’s interesting is that some of these post-retirement hobbies can also be turned around to make a quick buck. Isn’t that cool?

Collecting Coins

Before you dismiss it as something too boring, here’s a little fact—we all have a numismatic streak. It is not exactly an old-age hobby or something you would do to kill time, but collecting coins is more exciting than a lot of other regular hobbies. It keeps you excited about what’s out there in the world, inspires. For those of you who want to make an extra buck, you can easily sell these on various online sites.

Take To Art

Art has its way of connecting with you. Whatever the mood may be, painting is a beautiful way to express it. You do not have to be perfect. Use art to express your current state of mind. Try creating a Scrapbook of all the happy memories from the family, look at life from a positive perspective. You can also try jewellery designing or tattling. These trinkets can be sold too.

For A Good Cause

Ever thought of teaching a kid? Alternatively, about giving lessons on something you master? If you’ve been a good swimmer, tennis player, avid reader, grammar Nazi, now is the time to pursue those interests with full vigor. Get back to who you were, things you loved doing, and use those passions to help others too.

Learn a new language

It is the most interesting way to exercise those grey cells is to learn something new. Now, if you think why learn a new language? It will help you travel and is far more interesting that Sudoku, which is sure to get boring beyond a point.

Explore New Trails

Are there areas and nature trails in the vicinity of your house that you have not explored yet? Do you love nature? It is time to put on those shoes and take a walk outside. Make it a rule to take a stroll in the gardens around. Spend time with nature and you will love it.

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