Don’t let those everyday chores get in the way of everyday living. Our retirement homes are
where the concierge pampers you silly, where your wish is our command.


You are just a phone call away from everything you need.
Yes, every little thing!

Wouldn’t it be amazing to have someone take care of each one of your wishes? A quick phone call and you can arrange spa services, automotive services, delivery services, fresh cut flowers, and more. Can you imagine the possibilities? No we are not talking about a luxury hotel, but your own retirement home. We bring these luxuries to you through assisted living.

Above all, we believe you should be pampered. Which is why we are creating retirement homes that look and act strikingly like fine hotels. Where luxurious surroundings are elegant, and not stuffy. Where you look forward to the chef-prepared meals. Where housekeeping and laundry services free you up to live life the way you want. And, where by golly, they have concierge services.

We call it Five-Star Fun. Anything but boring.